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Your response is required before 30 June 2019

Dear Nominee Member, 
I write on behalf of South Africa’s most successful Private Wealth Management Club – The South African Investor.

Not heard of us before? That’s because we keep pretty much to ourselves.
We quietly focus our efforts on helping a very small group of members create a legacy of PRIVATE WEALTH for themselves and their families.
We do this in two ways...  
First, we help you towards ensuring the wealth you already have is secured and safe – no small task in the current economic climate of rising inflation, a collapsing property and construction market, ever-increasing stealth taxes and a highly unpredictable stock market.
Second, we give you specific ideas aimed at accelerating your wealth-building – often dramatically, as you will soon discover – with thoroughly researched investment opportunities.
No one ever got ahead in life paying their returns straight back to commission-hungry financial advisers, pension providers, lazy accountants and clueless bank managers.
But you’re certainly not going to do better than the next guy getting all your investment advice straight out of mainstream media either.

You already know these facts. And in our book, that makes you a perfect candidate to ‘test-run’ Membership of our very special alliance. But please remember... You only have a matter of days to accept this invitation into:
A PRIVATE Wealth-Building Club for Our Most Valued Subscribers
Several years ago, Bill Bonner – Founder of Fleet Street Publications – had an idea...
What if we combined our company’s smartest financial minds to give a select group of subscribers who fit the profile an ongoing plan for amassing sizeable wealth?
It was an intriguing thought.
Just imagine if you had a ‘dream team’ of wealth-building experts – each a specialist in their own field – using their experience and techniques to shape, mould and expand every area of your finances.
People like…Investment director, Francois Joubert, South Africa’s top small cap expert and accomplished property investment specialist...
Rand Swiss’, Gary Booysen – who is wired into the very private south African broker and CEO network, thanks to his own private brokerage firm and his connections he has established as CNBC Africa host. He has direct contact behind the scenes with all of South Africa’s top CEOs and money managers. Gary and his team know what’s happening in the SA markets before it actually happens on the ground.

"Crypto King", Sam Volkering, who knows anything and everything about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them that drives their exponential growth.  
And of course, well known South African economic and political analysts and outspoken commentators, Chris Hart and Leon Louw have an inside track on what is going on behind closed doors when it comes to ANC policy decisions and the future of the South African economy.
All these experts, and more besides, are very good at what they do.
But individually they only provide part of the wealth-building picture.
So what if a small group of our most dedicated subscribers got access to this panel and more... In just one service? 
And so our South African Investor Club was born – A truly alternative approach to making and protecting your money.
In short, it’s a chance for you to receive the kind of wealth protection and expansion secrets usually available only to super-rich investors – WITHOUT the millionaire price tag often attached to such potentially profitable insights.
But again...
It’s a Chance that Won’t Be Around for Long
To control our numbers, we have strictly limited our intake of new members. Please understand this isn’t some marketing ploy. We prefer to focus our time and resources on delivering a high-quality service to the few who are selected, rather than constantly marketing to the masses.
After this small intake – which closes at midnight 30 June 2019 – I’m sorry to say the door will be closed to you indefinitely.
But first, let me tell you what lies at the heart of the little group you’re being asked to join...
A Track Record of Distinction
As you’ll see in a moment, equity investment is just one ingredient of this unique Wealth Management Club. Nevertheless, you need to know our track record, just as you would if you were assessing an investment fund or unit trust...
Over the past 18 years, the South African Investor portfolio has achieved an average return of 33.87%.
Even the most sceptical observer will admit these figures are an impressive accomplishment – comfortably beating the wider market.
So why aren’t we shouting our success from the rooftops? Three reasons...
Firstly, as a seasoned investor, you’ll know past performance is not a guide to the future.
One good year doesn’t guarantee another. Realistic investing doesn’t work that way.

Secondly, privacy is the foundation upon which our Club was built.
It’s certainly not in our member’s interests to spread our secrets and financial strategies too widely.
That’s why you’ve probably never heard of us before... And are unlikely to again.
And thirdly, we don’t over-emphasise our stock portfolio success because, as I mentioned, shares are just one part of our ‘protect and profit’ equation.
As you’ll see, prudent estate planning, smart tax minimisation, shrewd asset allocation and special investment opportunities all play equal roles in this unique advisory. For instance, should you accept your nomination for risk-free Membership, we’ll instantly set about...
PROTECTING the Wealth You Have Today
If the profile I have of you is correct, I suspect you’re already on the way to creating a substantial pool of savings and assets.
And if you’re a serious wealth-builder, you look after what’s yours – Whether your investment capital is R50,000 or R5 million.
Take tax for instance...
Why spend time and capital building a great pool of growing, income-generating investments and not set about protecting them from excessive taxation?
First and foremost, as a Member of our Club, you’ll be able to rest easy in the knowledge that you will NEVER AGAIN pay one single cent more to the Government than you absolutely have to.
Our specialists seek out tax-efficient investment opportunities as well as legal tax-saving tips to ensure your assets and investments work as hard and effectively as you do.
Keep Your Taxation to a MINIMUM
Why not consider the good old retirement product where the tax has been paid for you – as long as you invest with the right weightings – You stand in line to score handsomely!
OK. Tax isn’t glamorous, and it won’t make for lively dinner party conversation.
But just imagine if you could shave 5% to 10% each year off the amount of overall tax you give straight to SARS. Think how many thousands of rands that could add to your wealth in the long run.
And even if you found an accountant who’d tell you these secrets, think how much you’d have to fork out in fees.
That, really, is the whole point of this invitation.
It’s about getting hold of uncommon financial knowledge... And using it... So you know your money is working a little harder and a little smarter for you than it is for the average Joe on the street.
Of course, tax is just the beginning. You’ll also learn about...
HEDGING Your Wealth Against Any Eventuality
Hedging? Doesn’t sound too exciting either, right?
Don’t worry about that – We’ll get to the fun stuff in a moment.
But be clear: If you only like to chase a 200%, 300% or 500% gain from every single investment you make, you should accept my apologies. We’ve made a mistake... Membership of our South African Investor Club is probably not for you.   
See, for every three-figure boom investment in a thriving portfolio, there are a dozen unremarkable, secure, high-yielding holdings.
That’s why should you accept our risk-free Membership, OUR job will be to help you get the risk balance right – Like putting pieces of a jigsaw together. For instance, you’ll learn how to...
The above may seem a little boring to you.

But, as you’ll soon see if you RSVP this special invitation today, you don’t create considerable wealth without taking certain protection measures.
Peace of mind is a lovely thing – And that’s what our Club aims to give you first. The knowledge that your assets are in a good position and perfectly spread to weather what the markets can throw at them.
And once you have these conservative investments in place, you’re then in the perfect position to benefit from our South African Investor Club’s next goal...  
ACCELERATE Your Wealth-Building by Taking Calculated Risks
This letter found its way to you because I believe, as well as being sensible, you’re a controlled risk-taker.
You’re willing to take a calculated risk with a portion of your capital to potentially double, triple or quadruple your investment.
If I’m right about that, you’ll be pleased to know our Club has a long and successful history of uncovering investments with a little bit more... Shall we say... Momentum.
For instance, in 2018, we closed out gains of 
98.52% on Resilient and 64.42% on Vodacom. 

Our global equity specialists uncovered international opportunities the average guy with a few rands to invest rarely even hears about – Creating awareness of offshore investment opportunities...
I’m simply pointing out the discreet advisory you’re being invited to join today is not all about shelter and security.
And certainly, not all of our profit plays are restricted to the stock market either.
In 2016, we told readers about the fast-growing Bitcoin revolution. We told them Bitcoin had a place in their portfolios. And if they bought back in October for just over $600, their investment would’ve grown over 700% in 3 years. Bitcoin is now worth over $5,000.

But that’s all in the past. What kind of tempting profit plays will you hear about, should you decide by 30 June 2019 to accept nomination for risk-free Membership?

With the bad policy decision making in government and South Africa close to junk status, this is putting a huge dent in every South African’s retirement plan.

That’s why our experts have specifically identified quality investments to add to your portfolio right now to protect and preserve your wealth whatever happens.

So let me ask you now...
Are You Beginning to Recognise the True Value of This Invitation?
Of course, as a Member, you don’t have to participate in each and every activity to profit.
Like any effective wealth-management system, asset allocation and protection needs to reflect your own unique circumstances and objectives.
Every investor is different. That’s why our Club will arm you with the knowledge and confidence to make your own investment decisions – Based on the intelligence we bring you each month.
Imagine how much sooner you’ll achieve your financial goals with one single advisory helping you grow and protect every aspect of your wealth.
And think what you’d normally have to pay back into a bloated, self-serving financial services sector to receive similar advice.
In a moment, I’m going to reveal the annual membership fees we ask from our members. (I’m confident you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.)
I’ll also outline how you can accept our risk-free Membership for three months with a complete subscription refund promise – Which you’ll recognise as our normal ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ policy here at FSP Investment Research.
First, though, let me outline a few more benefits you’ll experience if you accept this invitation today...
RETIREMENT PLANNING SECRETS to Help You Create a Nest Egg that will Nourish You for Life
Retirement annuities (RAs) were introduced in 1960 as a way to encourage self-employed people to make provision for retirement.
But people in employment can also use RAs, especially to benefit from the tax advantages.
As our current tax system on retirement is not cut and dried, there are a number of ways you can reduce the tax you pay and save by cleverly incorporating a retirement annuity in your planning.
Tax deductibility is a major benefit. On encashment, only a third of the capital amount counts as a lump sum, while the remainder is placed in an annuity (pension) for a monthly pensionable salary.  As the maximum tax-deductible amount on a lump sum is now R500,000, you can make the encashment in such a way that you pay no tax on the lump sum amount.
Who else is going to tell you about clever ways to get around retirement tax... Or the tax-free portion of your annuity?
Let other people view their pension plan as a tedious necessity.
With our help, your pension will be just another string in your wealth-building bow... Working a little bit harder for you than it would for most... Getting you that one step closer to complete financial independence for life...
How Much Money Could YOU Make and Save in 2019 and Beyond... With These ‘Important Friends’ at Your Side?
Of course, space prevents me from mentioning every contributor to our South African Investor Club. On top of the areas mentioned so far...
Our global investment specialists, Alexander Green and Byron King, will outline some exciting investment opportunities for making big profits… 
Our crypto expert, Sam Volkering, author of The Crypto Revolution will reveal investment opportunities across the cryptocurrency markets.
These international members and many others form part of our International Advisory Panel and will occasionally make a guest appearance in your monthly advisory.
Put simply, it’s...
Everything FSP Invest has to Offer – in ONE Powerful Wealth-Building Advisory
If you already enjoy and profit from our research, this should be one of the easiest decisions you ever make.
But it’s something you can only be a part of if you take action today.
Unless I receive word that you’d like to accept your nomination to join this Club by 30 June 2019, the window of opportunity will close. And I cannot guarantee it will ever open to you again.
I firmly believe that, should you accept this limited invitation, you’ll find our Club an invaluable partner to your financial success.
But of course, you’ll never know for sure unless you experience the benefits of membership first-hand.
So let’s cut to the chase – what’s the deal here?
I said this was no ordinary letter... And that you’re no ordinary subscriber... So I’m not going to insult your intelligence or waste your time by beating around the bush.
As someone we’ve singled out for Club membership, you can join the Club for just R1,200 per year (or R100 per month) – That’s a 20% discount on yearly dues of R1,500.
No more.
I urge you to ask yourself...
... Even if you could obtain such comprehensive, high-level insight from independent financial advisers, estate agents, accountants, stockbrokers, small business advisers, pension planners, fund managers and the like...
... Which is highly unlikely...
... Just how much money would THEY demand each year in consultancy bills, management fees, dealing charges, commission and more?
A ballpark figure would be R750 to R2,500 an hour... Even more for more specialized guidance.
I can tell you from experience that any financial adviser with a track record of investment recommendations like ours – assuming 1) they exist and 2) they take on clients with less than R500,000 to invest – could command many thousands of rands for his or her services.
I know our R1,200 membership fee is extremely low in comparison.
But that was our reason for starting the Club in the first place – to offer our most loyal FSP Invest subscribers a quality, private, cut-price alternative to conventional wealth management.
And do remember, should you wish to RSVP today...
This is a No-Obligation Risk-Free Membership
As always, should you decide our Club is not for you during your one month trial membership, we’ll refund this amount in full. That’s our promise to you.
We’re able to make it with confidence because we know very few members ever elect to surrender their membership.
Because, as you’ve seen in this letter, our all-inclusive approach to wealth-building – where we combine balanced investments from all ends of the risk-spectrum... And put every measure in place to PROTECT those investments – can produce significant stores of wealth very effectively indeed.
So why not let us prove it to you?
Accepting your risk-free Membership is easy. Overleaf is an RSVP Certificate, for you to return as soon as possible. Just place a tick next to the box ‘YES, I accept’. 
Fill in the risk-free Membership Certificate and remember, you can still get a FULL refund of your membership any time in the first month if the Club doesn’t meet your expectations. Even after this period, you are entitled to a pro-rata refund on the remainder of your membership fee.
As soon as we receive your risk-free Membership Certificate, we’ll rush you your first monthly Communiqué, packed with potential wealth-building and asset-protecting ideas reserved for Club members only.
Really... At just R1,200 in the first year or R100 per month... With a full money-back satisfaction promise... Can you afford not to accept this very special invitation?
If you understand that real wealth doesn’t come to those who sit on their hands and do nothing...
That you actually have to do something with your assets, savings and investments today to achieve financial independence tomorrow...
Then I’ve written to the right person.
I urge you to take a pen and RSVP today.

Joshua Benton
Managing Editor, The South African Investor

P.S: Let me stress again, this year’s nominations to join our South African Investor Club closes on 30 June 2019. If you want access to all the wonderful profit opportunities and wealth protection strategies outlined in this letter, you need to accept your place now. Please take a pen and arrange your one-month risk-free membership today.
P.P.S: When you apply for your one-month membership trial, we’ll be pleased to send you special reports like 
Your Complete Guide To Investing Anywhere In The World, The South African Investor Wealth Pyramid - How to turn R100,000 into Over R700,000 in just 10 years and your Exclusive Member's Handbook.

You'll also receive a complete crypto "Wealth Package" including an e-copy of Sam Volkering's popular book, The Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and The Future of Money report. Packed with exclusive analysis and recommendations, these reports are yours to keep, whether you stay on as a member or not.

  Yes! I accept your invitation!

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